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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How do you survive winter?

Here is how I have been surviving winter...

Lots of creating ...lots of Instagram...and a sunny grapefruit and olive oil cake with dark chocolate. This cake is a must for winter. You zest two grapefruits a and massage it into sugar in the raw...Ahhhhh the smell was to die for especially in a cold winters day. Not too sweet and not heavy. Perfect with tea! Don't forget to try some Chicken Paprikash, a new venture for me. I used a recipe from Food 52. A new favorite sight of mine. I would add some mushrooms and cauliflower next time or even omit the chicken for a vegetarian version.  
I usually wouldn't admit this but I am longing for spring right about now. This winter is feeling a bit claustrophobic this year for some reason... This is odd for me as I adore winter. I must be getting old or just tired of loading wood into the stove! 
I will have the crochet hearts pattern written out for you soon. I know I'm late or consider it really early for next year. 
Blogging lately has been a bit hard as we are in desperate need of a new computer. It takes hours to upload photos. So today I decided to phone blog! 
At present moment we are on our way to visit family in upstate NY where temps are best friend is in Puerto Rico leaving for a cruise... I think I'm going to do it her way next year! 
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and stay warm wherever you are! I'll be back sooner than later with some new creations to share. 
Be well,


  1. I think every blogger needs her own laptop, don't cha think? The cake looks yummy. And that stew... tasty! I love how you're feeding the birds this winter too. You look all cute bundled up.

  2. I can understand where you would be craving Spring.
    Love all your beautiful holiday decorating.:)

  3. I can't wait for spring either. Especially today! Everything looks lovely and I am looking forward to the heart pattern! Love them!

  4. Lovely survival methods and pictures!! I really love your Fox and Tree pillow!! It is ust beautiful!
    Stay warm and keep looking for the spring bulbs to pop up in March!

  5. your winter survival looks so similar to mine! drawing & knitting & making things are the best to get the blues away