Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Autumnal Colour

 I think we can all agree Autumn has some of the most fabulous colors to put on show for us. Here are some of my favorites...
 The bright blue skies,dark nights and vibrant oranges..
 Rich Browns, Mossy Greens and Rusts and Deep Sunny Yellows
Or Pumpkin Orange, Dusky Violet, and Squash Stem Greens..

 Some other fall favorites...

Well back to school and reality has been kicking my "arse". Homework every day!!!, back to school nights, pta meetings, fall canning , bedroom makeover plus now some very part time work at my girlfriends pre school.

My friend asked me to come over the other day to make stuffed cabbages, ( if your interested let me know I'll put the recipe up, they are pretty simple) she hasn't made them since Nana passed away last year. It was fun to sit in Nana's kitchen and make them, it was a good day I finally got around to do some canning and need to do more ASAP!! I need to start harvesting my Sage and Thyme

I finished my project for the My Sisters Knitter Kal/Cal ...Finally! I am not crazy how it turned out but it will be a good everyday around my neck sort of thing. I wanted to finish more projects but a bedroom makeover got int the way . I went from a dusky purple/ reddish color to a green gold and very light violet. I ended up working around my nightstands i re painted. they took me in a whole new direction. I was going to go with a lavender but such is life and creativity. You think you are going one way and than BAM a whole new direction.

Now back to they colors..The Halloween hexie will go into a mug rug or coaster or maybe a bunting I don't know yet. I have been really into the turquoises, black and orange. I am going to make a baby beanie with it, I joined the Beanie- a-long with Me over at Knitspiring Odyssey with Stephanie a really fun blog. Give her a visit.

Well, back to homework ugh....I would love to hear what your favorite Autumn colorway? It will give me something to look forward to during painting!

Be well,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"A Good Cup" Chai Tea Recipe...

Well it's been a week or so since I blogged....back to school always gets me, glad to be back!

If you want an authentic Chai Tea recipe here you go. This is not the stuff you get at Starbucks! after studying yoga for over 10 years with my teacher... I have picked up quite a few delicious  authentic Indian recipes...a very nice perk!!( recipe below). As well as some photos of our Labor Day vacation and summers last push in the garden...

So the last few days of summer break and beginning of a new school year were...well let's say eventful . Here is the short of it, we took a trip to Stroudsburg, Pa to visit the train museums( the little guy was in heaven!)..we had a trip to the ER for  the little guy with sprained/broken arm Labor Day weekend. You see that's what happens when you are trying to avoid becoming a zombie and jump from a tree house swing set.
Brand new eye glasses for first grade, oldest son starting his new job and new place in the world now that he is out of college. Our youngest daughter is doing well in India for her semester in her new traveling high school and so on and so on.
I am back in my back to school blues...I miss my little guy being home with me and now with the glasses and busted arm he looks so much like a big guy. However, i can get back into my workroom and finish up some projects. I have been working really hard on my knitting to finish up my projects for the My Sister's Knitter KAL/CAL. So much so I have needle wound on the tips of my fingers!

On the first week of school the weather changed, so autumn like, so one night my husband brought home take out form our favorite Indian restaurant and I made some Chai Tea.
Chai Tea
Indian Black Tea loose (Indian grocery stores,We like Lipton yellow label.)
Green Cardamom pods
Tea Masala (we like the SWAD brand)or you can make your own
raw sugar ( however much you desire)
Organic milk
Rose water
 Optional...fresh ginger slices,vanilla or whatever comes to mind!

In a pot bring to boil 3 cups of water...add loose tea, my teachers instructions"sprinkle until it covers the top" I saw about 1/4 cup ...boil for 2/3 minutes. Lower the heat add milk until you get a nice caramel color. I tend to stay a bit to a darker caramel cause I like to add some frothed milk later. Add spices, start with a 1/8 tsp of the masala at first until you figure out how spicy you like it. I use a 1/2 of tsp now. Try to smash the cardamom pods too a bit. Add the raw sugar and turn the hit back up to a simmer for another 2/3 minutes to incorporate it all. Now, my husband wants me to be like the Chai street vendors in India and pour it back in forth from cup to cup in a long stream to make it frothy. Yeah, no... I have very small arms!! So I like to forth a bit of milk and add that. Now, before you pour, add a drop or two of  Rose water into the cup. Add more sugar if you like. Also experiment with other spices. Be creative and Enjoy!!

Now back to the work room today. Its a good day for that as the weather has switched back to a steamy 95 degrees! But I really feel like baking today !! We'll see what happens;-)!
Have a wonderful day!

Love and peace to all beings everywhere and may all suffering be eased.