Friday, August 31, 2012

Introducing my new baby line Ghee Baby

I am so excited to introduce my new line of baby accessories called Ghee Baby . This line will feature my handmade creations ranging from hats, booties, blankets, hooded towel sets and lets face it whatever else comes to my mind! 

My first product is very dear to me as I am so grateful to have collaborated with an amazing Ayurvedic yogini and dear friend of mine Lilavati, founder of Aromabliss skincare and Temple of the Lotus yoga sanctuary in Philadelphia, Pa.

Ghee Baby hooded towel and ~Om~ baby bliss oil set

This set includes a cozy yellow hooded cotton bath towel embroidered with the Om symbol /or pink towel with lotus flower and a bottle of " ~OM~ baby bliss" ayurvedic massage/bath oil.

Isn't the bottle gorgeous! Artwork and label by Lilavati's husband Sean, this couple is amazing!!

Massage this oil onto your baby's skin before bath and them wrap them in this luscious towel to help center and calm your baby. What a better way to prepare your precious being as they begin their journey in this world . Traditional Abhyanga massage instructions will be including.

~About the oil~

These oils are very herbal and healing , no more chemically based oils covered up with heavy perfumes on our baby's skin!

An herbal infusion of organic lavender, chamomile, licorice herbs along with essential oils of lavender and chamomile .The base oil is of organic sesame and virgin coconut oil. While procuring this oil, mantras of love, peace and kindness are chanted by Lilavati herself to enhance this infusion. AMAZING STUFF !!!

Nourish your precious being before bedtime with this holistic ritual!

~About Ghee Baby~

Ghee Baby is a creation of mine consisting of consciously handmade baby accessories . From embroidered bath towels, one of a kind blankets, Ayurvedic baby oils, too hats and booties these products are lovingly made for your little beings. Babies are the purest form of love and beauty , shouldn't the products we use for them come from this same space? My goal is to supply our babies with just that, products made in a space of love and creativity.

~About the Name~

Ghee is a form of clarified butter used in Indian cooking as well as Ayurveda. It is incredibly healing and nourishing. Baby Krishna  is known in Hinduism as the " Butter Thief ". It is said his stealing is free form greed and envy and his purpose is to only enhance the love of his devotees.

As well "Ghee" is what my youngest son used to call me when he couldn't say mommy! So my daughters came up with naming my line Ghee Baby. So the name has a two fold meaning that is very close to my heart.

My little butter thief in Italy enjoying Gelato

My beautiful daughters, I wouldn't be able to do this without their encouragement and help.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be working this weekend to get some more creations to show you.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome ! After a few years of kicking around the idea of a blog, I finally decided to jump in and see what it's all about.  After constantly being told, "you should open a restaurant" or "you should sell your handmade gifts" or, "you should write a book" (because my family is a wee bit colorful) I figured a blog was a good way for me to share my handmade creations!  Previously, I spent thirteen years working full time out of the house and since I have a small one at home, home is where I belong.  For all those that know me, I like to have my hand in a bit of everything and having this blog allows that luxury! Life is limitless, and the last thing one should do is limit one's creativity (at least this is what i tell myself!). If I had limited myself I would have missed out on some fabulous experiences in my life. So here I go!

Now let me explain a bit about myself.  I was born in New Jersey and my name is Donnalynne Travarelli.   However, my maternal grandfather Dominic, decided that I looked like a China doll and called me Ming Toy, hence the name "All Things Ming." This led to the name Mingy, which my mother loved and decided to use  as a first name. My grandfather was a ridiculously smart man and an amazing artist as was my father and many others in my family.

Grand pop's original charcoal drawing
My Dad's first watercolor... not too shabby for a first try.

Fast forward to forty years later, I am a wife, and the mother of five to a blended family ranging from five to twenty-one years old.  I was a Barber Stylist for fourteen years then became a Yoga instructor (I am a student of the amazing Parvathi Nanda Nath for the past ten years and currently teach yoga to preschoolers). I also have backgrounds in the food/catering business as well as working in a Yarn/Knitting boutique.  My blog will contain all aspects of these.

Sri Lalita OMMMM

What To Expect!

Ghee Baby
Ghee Baby towel featuring Aromabliss' Ommm Bliss Baby Oil

Ghee Baby stroller set

Not pictured yet are my wedding towel gift baskets! Which include, two monogrammed bath towels for the newlyweds, votive candles and a pair of wine glasses.  All you need to do is add the vino!

Speaking of vino, next is food! Finally! 
Another aspect of myself includes baking for a
 local farmers market on the weekends. So, if you're in the area 
and need baking for your small affairs, try All Things Ming!
Homemade vanilla Madelines with Acacia honey

Thanks for visiting! There are many more creations to come!  So, if you're tired of mass produced products and you're looking for a gift for yourself or others,  All Things Ming, is your place to find handmade creations infused with love and consciousness.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When Two Became One

So I brought these during a quilt shop hop , it was my first one I ever did and it was exhausting, 5 shops that spanned the state over 3 days and we did not even get to all the shops on the list! I was wiped out for days, but how fun was it to find one fabric at one store and continue to find complimentary fabrics along the way at the other shops. So lets fast forward to 6 months later while i was antiquing and found this James Kent of London shaving mug( and being a Barber for 13 yrs I was really excited). It looks so feminine though.


I believe the pattern is called rose scroll and the colors blend perfectly with fabrics. Now comes the real question what to make now? I was thinking place mats or tablecloth but maybe towels are in order?

The Golden Child

Cameron is the apple to my eye and the light of my life. I would not survive without her in my life. After helping me succeed in life, I will reward her with the best of riches.

Look at her, hard at work.

I believe she deserves many o' things for all of her wonderful controbutions 
she has provided the world.