Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sights of Summer & Blog Hop

 Beautiful splendid summer, must you move so fast???...too fast for me. I really don't want to complain because it really has been wonderful so far. Here are some beautiful sights that I captured this week...

Yup, Its August and that means the garden is bursting and our annual trip to Upstate NY to spend time with family and visit our favorite county farm fair. It was a short but sweet visit this time. The weather was beautiful and the sights were too. I got to spend a few moments with my friend Sharon, who is a master weaver and sets up a display every year at the fair. It is always mesmerizing to watch her. This year she informed me that she has a new edition to her farm. A baby Bison who thinks its a house pet. She is going to send me the photos and I promise to share as they are a sight to behold!
 A day at Oma's pond celebrating her Birthday. No picture she probably would have my head! The gorgeous view and the fields of wildflowers around the pond and the good times continues to give us great days with family and wonderful memories!

The rest of the photos are all from my garden. Except the tulips...they are from my husband...I wasn't feeling well last week, an inner ear thing, not fun and very painful! He is so kind!
 My squash is stupendous this year! I have now tried two chocolate zucchini bread recipes and I am not having any luck! Can anyone suggest a tried and true recipe?
I really want to find one I like! So I went back to regular zucchini bread with using yellow squash this time along with green. I will include the recipe soon and I am calling it My Kitchen Garden Bread!

  I was graciously invited to join The Creative Blog Hop by Elisabeth of ElizyArt Crochet. It's a blog hop were we answer four questions on our craft process. It is from bloggers around the world! My turn is Monday August 11th. I would love for you to stop back as I will pass it on to two other amazing bloggers! It is like a virtual trip around the craft world!

Be well and I hope you are enjoying summer's sights as much as I am !


  1. What fun you have and oh boy, those good eats!

    1. Glad your ear is better. Infections are no fun.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, Donna. Especially the first and last!! So pretty :)