Friday, September 28, 2012

We Are Worth It!

Happy Friday!
 I have been working hard all week on the hand embroidered portion of my tabletop quilt for my Mother in law's quilt show in two weeks (thank god its a small project with minimal quilting).

First corner heart done

This is the third one , I lost a picture of the second one
   I am almost done. Everyday I sit first thing and dedicate at least two hours. This is a first for me, you see I am great at giving time to my house, family, work. However, when it comes to working on a "personal" project I have a very hard time giving myself  the "personal" time.  Especially to work on something meant for moi. I'm always feeling I should be taking care of something else or others. I mean real guilt sets in and it's an instant road block. I stop working on it feeling really selfish taking the "personal" time. It falls wayside and somehow (wink wink) a new project manifests and I have 352,00 projects unfinished ( yes that is my magic number when I am exaggerating, you will see it often!). 

I ran out of the floss I was using ,Weeks Dye Works hand dyed floss in Aztec Red 2258 which perfectly matched the French General fabric I used for the quilt. The 352,000 other red flosses I have in my stash just wouldn't do! So I cyber ran over to Anita's Little Stitches . This is hands down one of my favorite site for threads. She has everything and got it here lightening fast!

I also picked up these along the way...

I love the autumn like colors

and I got a free gift!
I mean I have been working so hard a little treat was in order;-)

I have really learned through years of reflection that I deserve treating myself to "personal" time and doing for me, myself and I. 

We can't help others until We help and nourish ourselves. We can't always be the giver. We must to learn how to receive. WE ARE  WORTH IT!

Now another matter ...  I got my first follower YAY! This next picture is for her. It is a Vintage Halloween postcard. Another thing I collect !!
 So glad to meet you "The Graphics Fairy"
I'm a Halloween junky
Have a great weekend!! I'll be putting up the Halloween decorations .That is after I give (and receive) myself stitching time.

Be Well

~ Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu~May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vintage Linens

Some of my favorites...

From a house sale, handmade by the owner's mother.

I love the delicacy of this, made by the same lady

The Lotus embroidery is just exquisite

A friend gave me this, it was her  Aunts.

My mother found this on one of her excursions

I also have a problem with vintage lines ;-)

Leave a comment and let me know about your addictions, I mean collections!

Be Well,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fiber addiction?!

You be the judge??

So Pretty!
Vintage lace

Hand dyed silk by Hannah silks

Don't these look lovely together

French General obsession

Seduce By Berroco Yarns

I am going to make some crocheted lace with these.

So what do you think ? 

I can go anywhere and find some form of fiber I must have! Whether I have the means or not! I am currently working on saying no. Its tougher than you think.

What I really should be doing...

 Hand pieced star/ Pattern by Northern Quilts Stitcheries ~ Scandinavian Christmas Hearts ~ Table cloth
This has to be ready for the Quilt show my Mother in law Janet runs in upstate NY in October. I am almost there, I have to hand embroider four corner squares with hearts. I think I will make the deadline.(gulp)

I did a lot yesterday with my little helper by my side.( he had off of school for the holiday)
A nice day off together 
Then I saw how nice it was outside and took these...
My strawberry jar succulents

Succulent Dish

Dragonfly ( he looks a bit beat up though)

Parsley gone to seed
So we got changed , Hubby came home early and we took a bike ride, then went swimming with family!
Enjoying the last few days of summer.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

A season's end

Summer is coming to her closing, She leaves us with some amazing images to hold in our memories until the next one.
Late summer sunset

My favorite , Moon Flower , blooms at night.

Moon Flower during the day

Morning Glory during the evening

So cool

Morning Glory in the morning

"Only the Lord could make something so beautiful" words of Nana when she would see a flower and such.

We miss you Nana xoxo....

  As well, a season in my life is coming to a close. My youngest child heads off to kindergarten. I no longer am a mother of a toddler. No one running around my house in jammies keeping me company all day. I snapped some images of his days at home before school started.

Looking at the wild turkeys on our lawn
It's going to be very quiet all day while he is at school

The turkey family   

 And then,he was off!

Completely obsessed with Super Mario
 And did I cry!!!!!!!!

Life, like nature has its seasons. Ever changing from one stage to another. Each beautiful and magnificent in its own way. I wonder what the next season has in store for us ! ( I'm guessing more homework) And....
 More time for creating!!

Check out my latest in my Ghee Baby line. 
My Stroller Sets,
A stroller sized blanket with matching booties and hat!
"Little Flower" stroller set

Original designs by me

Check it out on Etsy tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting! I'm off to bed as that school bus comes early!