Thursday, April 7, 2016

Coffee, Crochet, and Food

Its been back to work for me these past few months...pattern writing which I absolutely dread...back to work part time at preschool which leaves me exhausted and sick for the past 2 months and as well getting back into teaching Yoga a few days a week as well. Getting back into the game I am...but below is a bunch of good happenings take a look...

 I am going to be featured on the UK craft blog Cut Out & Keep as one of there Super Stars featuring my crochet patterns. I'm really excited about it and will let you know when it is scheduled to post. Thar is my daughter in the Spring Meadow cowl and finger less gloves. Don't they just scream of Spring!!! Everyday a new pattern will be released. This week I am make sure you go and have a look!

The food...Well I wasn't cooking and blogging as much as I used to to and one day the itch just came back...My Mom and I love Raisin Tea biscuits. We used to get them from an Italian Bakery when I was young and NO!... they are not an Italian specialty but however they were the best and that bakery is now long gone. So I went a searching  and found this recipe. Very good and close. I swear though the ones I remember had cornmeal or semolina flour in them. The massive Chocolate looking thing in the cast iron pan. That is me trying to recreate a Chocolate Coffee scone form my favorite Cafe in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia La Colombe. I got really close too!! But my texture is slightly off but not much. I also made a Chocolate Moose for a dinner party we attended. I must say not only was it pretty simple but really delicious!Its definitely a must try!

I painted my window seat in my bedroom with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Years of sun damage just ruined the original finish. I used Old Ochre and then used the dark wax over it. I love the fact that you don't have to do any prep work or stripping you just go and paint.

Its a rainy Spring day here and I am eager to get cozy on the couch with some tea and finish my next design. 

Be well,