Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ever so...

Grateful for a another wonderful (and a wee bit stressful) holiday season with family and friends...

We had a Holiday concert at school, a visit from our cousin from out of town and a great nephews first Christmas...lots of laughs,love and the editable stress but it was all good!
Gingy got his mate and added some adorable trees to go with them. these prototypes will go for sale in my Etsy shop as soon a I fix it. Some how it got completely deleted..arrghh. I am not that tech inclined so all this takes me a while.
I hope your holidays were warm and wonderful and I look forward to sharing and creating with all of you in 2015!!

Much love,

Note... I apologize if that last picture offends anyone ...I inherited this house with the animals and if possible I would remove them but its not instead I honor them.