Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Merry Making...crochet gingerbread man

Merry making verb. / making things while continuing  state of merriment.
Yes, thats what I am doing this year. Making while being happy about and not rushed and agitated.
If it gets done... great ....if it doesn't ... Oh well. Thats how it is going to be this year. Enjoying the season for its real joys, excited children, first Christmases, little things that make people smile..and quite frankly things that make me smile! If Momma isn't  happy no one is !!! Right?!

One thing that has made me smile is this little Gingy that I crocheted up...

Fig. A
Fig. B 
Fig. C
Fig. D
Fig. E
Fig. G
Fig. H
Fig. I
Fig. J
Fig. K

Fig. L
 So here is the pattern: I used Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift and an E hook 3.5mm...prior to this I used Filatura di crosa sport wool which they discontinued the color.  If for play I would use a super wash and adorn accordingly for little ones. 

Legs: Figures A & B
Chain 6 join with a slip stitch
Next row: ch 3 serves as first double crochet 11 dc in ring join with slip stitch..12 dc total
Next row: single crochet in next stitch place marker in stitch just made sc around... 12 sc total
repeat for 17 rows. make 2 

Body: Figures C thru G
Join the  legs together by two slip stitch into two sc  pm in next sc. Sc around to start to form the body - 22 sc  *you do not sc into the two slip stitches that join the legs. 
Next 3 rows repeat sc around 22 sc.
Next row:  5 sc to hips increase 2 singe sc in 6th sc  pm here... 12 sc to next hip increase 2 sc in next stitch around to beginning marker. 24 stitches
Next row: sc around 24 stitches
Next row: sc around  increasing one sc at markers 26 stitches.
Next 2 rows: repeat 28 stitches.
Begin decreases 
Next row: sc to  marker decrease 1 stitch at each marker 26 stitches
Next row: repeat 24 stitches 
Next Row: repeat 22 stitches 
Next row: sc in each stitch  22 stitches pm accordingly
Next row: Sc decrease in 1 stitch at each marker 20 stitches
Next row: repeat 18 stitches fasten of leave a long tail 
now stuff the body.

Head: Figures H-J
Ch 6 sl st to join
Next row: ch 3 serves as first dc 11 dc in ring join with a slip stitch...12 dc
Next row: pm to mark beginning of round ...2 sc in each stitch ...24 sc
Next 2 rows: sc in each stitch around 24 sc
Next row: 2 sc in each stitch 48 sc
Next  2 rows: sc in each stitch 48 sc 
Next row: decrease 1 stitch 22 pm. dec 1 stitch around to beginning marker 46 sc 
Next row: dec 2 stitches sc to marker dec 2 stitches around to beginning marker 42 sc 
Next row: repeat 38 sc 
Next row: sc in each stitch around 38 sc 
Next 2 rows: repeat 38 sc
Next row: dec 2 stitches at each marker 34 stitches 
Next row: repeat 30 stitches 
Next row: repeat 26 stitches
Next row: repeat 22 stitches 
Next row: repeat 18 stitches 
fast off leave a long tail to sew

Arms: Figure K
chain 4 join with a slip stitch pm marker to mark begining of round
Next round: ch 3 serves as first dc 7 dc into ring 8 dc 
Next round: sc crochet around 8 sc 
repeat for 14 rows 
make 2 

stuff head and arms and sew doll together. 
* I do not sew up the body and the heads before joining. this is to make sure the ear has enough base so it does not flop around. So make sure you stuff accordingly so it has some strength to hold the head up.
** I am the worlds worst at typing... any problems or errata please contact me asap... I will be happy to walk through any issues you occur.

I adorned my "Gingy' with a hat, scarf yo you for buttons and plastic buttons for eyes. Be creative!
Next post will have more of what Christmas fun is going around here. This adorable house was a present from my sister for Thanksgiving. It was one of her thrift store play music and has skaters! My new favorite decoration...Thanks Sister!! 

 I hope you take a go at "Gingy" and I am working on the misses at the moment!

Be well, 


  1. I love how you go all out trimming your home for the holidays. Amigurumi are so fun to crochet. I undertake why you've had so much fun getting this gingerbread man together.

  2. Gingy is one of my favs. How lively of your to create a tutorial for this sweet little man. Can't wait to see the misses!