Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When Two Became One

So I brought these during a quilt shop hop , it was my first one I ever did and it was exhausting, 5 shops that spanned the state over 3 days and we did not even get to all the shops on the list! I was wiped out for days, but how fun was it to find one fabric at one store and continue to find complimentary fabrics along the way at the other shops. So lets fast forward to 6 months later while i was antiquing and found this James Kent of London shaving mug( and being a Barber for 13 yrs I was really excited). It looks so feminine though.


I believe the pattern is called rose scroll and the colors blend perfectly with fabrics. Now comes the real question what to make now? I was thinking place mats or tablecloth but maybe towels are in order?

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