Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let love In

“Hate is too big of burden to bear. I have decided to love."

Martin Luther King jr.

Most of us as humans have become hardened throughout our lifetime

Like that  ice cream condiment, you know the hard shell one, that you dip the ice cream ... that starts off soft and becomes hard as the outside elements hit it hiding the soft delicious ice cream underneath. Yes, it does add some taste but it's not the good stuff!

  We have to bite into it break it apart to get to that yummy soft ice cream. 

Yup ..that's the good stuff right there!! My youngest in Italy, 3 yrs ago eating Gelato !

This hardening often happens without even knowing it,  It is just what life does. As we make our journey we pick up attachments, fears, identities, anxieties, and conditions that mold us into who we become. Some of these are good and some, well I don't want to say bad, but they harden us. Creating a shell of protection. Sometimes this is necessary for our emotional survival in life. Cause let's face it life can be tough. We pick up a lot along the way. As this happens our true "self" gets burdened.

I often notice how hard or closed off I am when I am driving. There I am, just driving along, thinking all is well and then I notice the white knuckles of my hands gripping the heck out of that steering  wheel. It is a key sign that I need to do an internal check in of my mind. I look for all the places or thoughts that are hardening me, closing me up and making me heavy and becoming burdened, 

The quote above reminds me off this ...of all the heavy or burdening thoughts I can tend to hold onto and carry..Oh how heavy I feel some days! I wouldn't say they are all negative ..but think of it ( another example ) as a heavy hand bag carrying a bunch of "stuff" that we may have once needed and are finished with but still carrying. When we finally notice and say " Wow how did this get so heavy" and clean it out we are surprised at how light and soft it feels... 

In yoga one of the first cues in class is to become soft, put down the mind stuff and open up and become soft . This does not happen instantly ..TRUST ME!! It takes constant reminders and internal "check ins" Yet if we remember a few ques it may help...Open...Soften...and Let Love ...In  and watch that hard shell melt away or that heavy handbag become light and reveal our true nature. A nature that I believe is open and full of LOVE

So here is my creative inspiration this week...

work in progress embroidered  tea towel
I just love this print...sweet isn't it?

 I need to finish the applique and add some fabric or crochet trim. Perfect for Valentines Day!

 and I finally got some of that winter weather i have been longing for!

It's not much but I will take it !  

 Peace and Love





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