Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wip let love in & vintage day

The towel is almost done..I am obsessing if it needs more. I added a crochet trim, as adding a fabric border just looked to busy. I am now wondering if it needs some stitching around the hearts. Here's a look..
here it is pre-sewn

I have been dying to use this yarn "seduce " by Berroco

So what do you think? I'll give it one more day of thought.

On another note, my mother gave me more of my baby things. This one is my favorite, isn't it sweet!

I guess I am considered vintage now (41)!! Well I am feeling it this week and because of this my 19 yr. old daughter gave me these today...
Isn't she SWEET!
Hope you are experiencing some sweetness today.
love and peace 

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