Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A quick and easy crochet pattern

Well Sweet Sebastian is on his way to visit his East coast family next week..I can not wait and I finished the top of his blanket..I actually finished a while ago but Easter preparations got in the way! Take a look and checkout the quick tutorial at the end.
I adore these colors!!

Here is the tutorial.
So first you chain 8 and join with a slip stitch then Double crochet 16 in the ch 8 loop Fig. 1. Now join together.
fig. 1
Now ch 3 serves as a/first Double crochet (dc) ...now 2 dc in the the dc below this makes first shell (3dc in same stitch). Now Ch 2, skip 1, 3 dc in next stitch around join with slip stitch . fig 2 you should have 8 shells now
 Now to make the Granny square round ..Ch 5 (serves as first dc and ch 2), 3 Dc in ch 2 space from previous round (serves as first corner. Ch 2, 3 dc in next Ch 2 space. Now work second corner , Ch 2, 3 Dc in next Ch 2 space , ch 2 3 Dc in same space ch 2  . Repeat around until you get to first corner.  2 Dc in first corner and join to the 3 rd Ch of the beginning chain 5. fig.3   Now your first square is complete.
fig. 3
 Now all you do is keep going from hear on out and make it to the size of your desire! If you like to switch colors do it at the beginning of each square before you make that initial ch 5 . When I reached my desired size I added a border of double crocheting in each stitch . Then I experimented with a new stitch for the border. Anything goes. I will add the border stitch on the next post.

Now the big ? 
Original plan was to back it with a fabric ..Hmmm. I kind of like the drape of it without.

Onto other happenings...guess who showed up in my yard yesterday!
Hello Mr. Blue bird

 And my daughter got a job at a French Bakery ...This is no good!!! ;-)
Cappuccino with Earl Gray macaroon...Delicious

I see a bad(wonderful)habit forming !!

Have a wonderful day !


  1. I love that blanket! The macarons look delicious too :)

    1. Thank you Elisabeth ! The earl grey macaroon was awesome !

  2. Such a pretty blanket!! And, those macaroon's look so yummy! xo Heather

    1. Thank you Heather !! The macaroons were amazing 'n