Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heat,Herbs,& Hot weather fare

It almost feels like Groundhogs day around here, the movie that is. It starts like this: you wake up its hot by 8am, you putz around trying to accomplish something but you can't cause it is so flipping hot and humid, you want to eat but you can't cause you have no appetite cause it is too flipping hot and humid, You get a massive mid day to early evening severe thunderstorm cause it is so flipping hot and humid and finally you just go to bed cause your exhausted and cranky cause,...did I mention, let's say it together "It's so flipping hot and humid outside."

So here is what I did accomplish & remedy the heat at the end.

I did all herbs on my deck this year. Herb and flowers to cook and ward off mosquito this year.
adorable planters from Jo Ann
Scented Geranium
Thyme,Oregano & Pink Geranium
I lined the planter with moss from my yard and put the herb in and filled with potting soil.
Various Basil varieties
Dill, Oregano, & Mother of Thyme
Mexican Tarragon
Curry..this smells amazing
Lemon Grass and Chocolate mint
An Heirloom Dahlia in a planter on the deck ...will be easier to dig out the tuber come winter
Raspberry, Apricot,& Chocolate mint infused water
Avocado Feta Dip
 and of course the daily stormy clouds

Well, I accomplished all of the plantings on the deck and put together those adorable bike planters. Quick easy and fun to do. The moss not only looks fabulous but helps keep in the moisture too. I got the planters at JoAnn's at 70% off so they were about $5.00 each. My kind of deal!I love the Fleur di Lis on the spokes.

With this heat you just want something refreshing and lite to eat . Its bad enough I have to fire up the stove for dinner (cause you cant grill because of the weather) so I don't want to do it for lunch too. I needed something to satiate my hunger. This Avocado Feta dip is the way to go.  A few pretzel flats and it's just enough to fill your belly and get you through to dinner on a hot day. Warning, try your best to not eat the whole bowl !! Its hard but walk away :-0 It is very filling.
3 Avocados mashed
Feta cheese I use French Feta about 1/2 a cup
Juice of 1 lime
Cilantro chopped ...remember keep the tender stems they are very energenic
Optional some Parmeggiano Reggiano cheese but not necessary ..Mix all together add some S&P and Enjoy!

My friend who owns the farmers market got some great mint varieties in this year ...Raspberries came in this week and Ifound soem beautiful necatrines. I am not much of a flavored beverage drinker and after 3 c-sections  my bladder is a tad weak. So too much iced tea keeps me..well you get the point. I love Herbal/ fruit infused waters . This one was a huge hit in the house to where my picky neice was hoarding it until I assured her it wasnt anything complex and could easliy just add more water to the mixture.

A pitcher of water, a handfull of raspberries, 2 nectarines cut up & a few sprigs of mint. Let sit for about 15-20 minutes. You could sweeten it if you find it necessary but I think you'll find that it's not. When the pitcher gets low just add more water.

It hits the spot !!

It is now Thursday ( we have tornado warnings today ) and it has been the same all week here and looks like it is going to continue through the weekend. I will try not too grumble about it anymore I promise!

Stay Cool,

PS... Did I mention the flipping Flies and Mosquitos!!! ;-)


  1. I love all those pretty photos!

    Does the chocolate mint smell or taste like chocolate or does the name come from the colour of the leaves?

    That dip sounds delicious, I love avocado and feta but I've never mixed the two! xoxo

    1. The mint has a chocolate fragrance . Thanks for visiting !

  2. Oh my gosh! I want to come hang at your house, even though it's flippin hot and humid. :) I LOVE your herb plantings and that avocado dip is one I will definitely try. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks Cindy !!! I hope you liked he dip!
      Ps it's still hot and humid !!

  3. Oh thank you for that excellent recipe. Hopes the weather treats you a little nicer soon!

  4. Your welcome Andi ! It's still so hot and humid but looks like some relief later this week !