Monday, July 22, 2013

Shedding Light...a day to honor

Have you ever used the term "That sheds a new light on things" or "The light bulb just went on" or that "aha moment" . They refer to an opening of  the mind that changes your perspective on a situation or subject. Its about clarity of the mind. It's about the Guru.
Today is a very auspicious day of the year ...a yoga holiday if you will but, i think we could all relate to it . It is Guru Purnima. The word "Guru" means "the one who brings us from darkness into light"  Guru Purnima is a day to honor all of our teachers in life who have had opening our eyes and taught us matter how big or small and brought us into light. It is as well a moment to honor our "Sat Guru " or inner Guru. The teacher that resides in us. This day falls on the full moon  during the June/July months( according to the Indian Calender) So the energies are very strong cosmically.

Guru's could be anyone ... our first guru..our mothers, family, teachers, friends, fellow bloggers...someone you may meet for a brief moment but had the chance to broaden your view. I remember my beauty school teacher Mrs Gail Mattei 's words " You can learn something anywhere from anyone , you will always take away something" This was when we would complain about her taking us to workshops taught by elderly beauticians on how to do pin curls and use a Marcel iron. We wanted the savvy new stylist. well she was right! I learned more form the elderly stylist than I ever learned from the savvy ones AND their knowledge was longer lasting!!

I feel very fortunate to have had many teachers in my life...they have all been heaven sent and I  am always truly humbled.

So today I honor my Mother , Mother in law, dearest friends, teachers, new blogger friends,

my fellow yogis who I have had the honor to practice with for the past 10 years and our beloved teacher, her teacher's and her teacher's teacher..and so on and so on....

Take a moment today to honor all those who have taught you in the past, present and future who ever t may be. Most of all take a moment to honor the teacher within you !

 here are some of my Guru's ...I wish oi had pictures of all of them!
mothers & daughters
mother in law
 my teacher in Italy
With love,

Royal baby Boy or Girl??...I say Boy!


  1. Great post and I love the words of advice your beauty school teacher gave you, they are very true indeed

    1. Thank you Elisabeth ....yes she was a very smart lady !!