Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spooktacular October...

It was a Spooktacular October! So much so I had to condense the images. Beautiful fall weather, great recipes to share, some fun creations and of course All Hallows Eve!  How was your October?

I am sad to see October go, it was just wonderful! So where to start...ok lets go with the food!! I have two delicious recipes to share with you. One is a Butternut squash and Swiss Chard baked ziti. A bit labor intensive but worth. As well as a Escarole and Cannelini bean soup, served almost like a french onion soup with melted Fontina cheese. It was ...Legen....wait for it... dary. ( got to love Barnie from "how I met your mother"). Well, maybe not legendary but now it is one of my favorites! I am going to post the recipes this week as it would make this a ridiculously long post. Your welcome!

I made my first Mug rug which was very fun. I did some English paper piecing with diamonds and appliqued it right on the square, added some hand stitching (which was horribly sloppy cause I hadn't done it for long time..  if you don't use it you lose it!). I love the backing fabric which depicts Poe's "The Raven".

 I found some beautiful dark Amber vintage crystals and dressed them up with some Swarovski crystals and such and made ornaments. I also purchased some cross stitch Pdf's from The Frosted Pumpkin. So stinking cute!! You have to check them out! I was seeing them all over Flickr and finally found out where to purchase them.. I am going to start with Gingerbread Lane.

As for the home front...we have a new favorite book in the house "The day the Crayons quit" It is really a great book. We have to read it almost every night! The little man was the Iron Patriot for Halloween, cause we are huge RDjr fans in this house! It was a big deal this year as the little man got over his costume fear. He had a great night with his buddies trick or treating.

Now all the decorations are down and I am trying to not look to forward to December. There is still another great month of Autumn. I refuse to rush into Christmas ...well maybe I will just a wee bit!

Check back tomorrow for the recipes...Have a great week!

Be well,


  1. Your passion for crafting is astounding. You're like Martha and that Sandra Lee rolled into one.

    1. Thank you ..i just love creating ...Thanks for stopping by!

  2. LOVE all your photo's. Everything looks so warm and cozy, elegant, delicious....I want to come play at your house! :)

    1. Anytime Cindy...we would have a blast I think!

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