Monday, March 3, 2014

Hits & Misses!

This has been a week of  Hits and we go, take a peek...

Hit...SOCK KNITTING!!! my newest addiction!
 Misses....trying to find the right needles to work on...the Addi turbo sock Double Pointed were a bit  to slippery. As much as I love Rowan yarns...their Fine Art sock yarn wasn't my favorite to work with. I found it split easily.
Hit...all the new pretty sock yarn  Misses... all the pretty new sock yarn $$$
 Hit...this picture of Buddha in the snow...Miss more snow!!!
Hit...homemade Madeline's
 Miss...beet cupcakes..looked great but...
Even the deer wouldn't eat them...
Hit..these random pictures...
Miss...these pic and this blog post was delayed about a week due to our annual February respiratory viral infection! My little guy has been sick for almost a month on and off with this and momma has been horribly sleep deprived!

My Madeline recipe is Martha's here...I feel it is tried and true. On my last post I had a picture of my baked oatmeal recipe, some have asked for the recipe it is here.I use blueberries and omit the almonds.I also don't caramelize the bananas and just through the spices right in. The bread above is a quick and really easy  pan bread that whips up quick and easy and great with soups! I use King Arthur's flour recipe but I cant find the is Pillsbury and its pretty much the same except I use olive oil and not Crisco.

OK we have another snow day here today and I have sock knitting to get too! I'm on my second pair YAY! My first pair have already been given away as a gift.

Have a great week,

PS Matthew McConaughey & Jared Leto...NUFF' SAID


  1. I love your socks... you must be very patient to knit all of those small stitches!
    Such a fun blog.... I love your Hit and Miss theme and your photos!!


    1. Thanks seeing you here! Yes it seems socks are the only thing i have patience for these days.

  2. So happy to see you joining in knitting socks and making snowflakes!!! Your socks turned out great!!! Love the stripes and muted natural colors.

    1. Thanks Pam..yes i have a thing for mutes colors drives my knitting friend crazy as she always thinks i should be in bright colors with my skin tone.

  3. I Ike the stripey socks. You knitted wonderfully. I am covering your sock yarn! The bread looks good! I have a weakness for great bread. I'm sorry to read your son suffered from viral respiratory infection. Yikes. How worrisome for you. Hug!

    1. I agree...i just love great diet downfall!

  4. Everything looks like a total hit, love love the socks, the Madeline's, even the cupcakes! So what the deer did not like them, you took a great picture, though!:)) feel better and stay inspired!

    1. Thanks Sofia... your work is so i l always get a spark after seeing your creations!