Sunday, September 9, 2012

A season's end

Summer is coming to her closing, She leaves us with some amazing images to hold in our memories until the next one.
Late summer sunset

My favorite , Moon Flower , blooms at night.

Moon Flower during the day

Morning Glory during the evening

So cool

Morning Glory in the morning

"Only the Lord could make something so beautiful" words of Nana when she would see a flower and such.

We miss you Nana xoxo....

  As well, a season in my life is coming to a close. My youngest child heads off to kindergarten. I no longer am a mother of a toddler. No one running around my house in jammies keeping me company all day. I snapped some images of his days at home before school started.

Looking at the wild turkeys on our lawn
It's going to be very quiet all day while he is at school

The turkey family   

 And then,he was off!

Completely obsessed with Super Mario
 And did I cry!!!!!!!!

Life, like nature has its seasons. Ever changing from one stage to another. Each beautiful and magnificent in its own way. I wonder what the next season has in store for us ! ( I'm guessing more homework) And....
 More time for creating!!

Check out my latest in my Ghee Baby line. 
My Stroller Sets,
A stroller sized blanket with matching booties and hat!
"Little Flower" stroller set

Original designs by me

Check it out on Etsy tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting! I'm off to bed as that school bus comes early!

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