Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's the homestretch....

 Well I am almost done my tablecloth for my Mother in laws quilt show next weekend in upstate NY . Here is a peak ...

I used mostly French General fabric
I loved how the embroidered hearts turned out
Pictures are a bit dark , I was in my workroom which is in the basement.

I have to admit as much fun as it was, I am glad to be done. It took me to wire to get it done because that's how I roll and work best. Now I can focus more on the blog and new projects for my shop on Etsy. I started Etsy and my blog at the same time as the quilt,as well as sending my youngest off to kindergarten.I must say it has been a huge adjustment for me and him. So of course Etsy went to the wayside.

 You see I work best with a lot of commotion. Not that I enjoy it , I always have this Martha Stewartesque dream of working in a quiet,well organized state. IT NEVER HAPPENS!! Now that I don't have my toddler running around the house all day and only two of my four teenagers I feel a bit underwhelmed??? Is that a word???? 

As I said in my last post I am so used to taking care of others and now I have a huge chunk of the day (well other than all the house work, eight people still live here!) to myself .
So whats the problem? Focusing when my house is quiet !!!  IT"S SO WEIRD! It is taking  me some time to get used to. It was good that I had a project that I had to get done by Oct 11, it helped with the focusing. 

Now is the real test, how is this going to work with me as my only disciplinarian? HMMM........
Here is what's on the list:
A few more baby items for my Ghee Baby line
A free embroidery pattern PDF for the blog and project to go with it.
Mini place mats for these awesome vintage tea cups I found last week .

Here are some photos of this weeks inspirations...
I have been waiting to use this fabric for something special

Federal Glass Co. "Moonglow" teas cups

Sketch for the embroidery done by myself, edited by my daughter. Notice her little note at the top.
Honeycomb Buns form King Arthur Flour

Isn't this pan adorable
I wound up in the kitchen this week to break up working on the quilt and made these Honeycomb buns from King Arthur Flour
I saw this pan in their magazine and had to have it. They were extremely yummy but I want to tweak the glaze recipe. I'll let you know how it turns out , as well as the project list this week!

Have a great weekend !

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