Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Cake Boss" our trip to Hoboken

This past Saturday we took a drive to Hoboken to visit the famous Carlo's bakery from the TLC show "Cake Boss". It was a surprise birthday gift for my goddaughter who turned 12 on Saturday. It is her favorite show and she has been yearning to get there.
  It was a cold clear day on Saturday and we were prepared and dressed to sit outside for hours . According to all the reviews on the web they all told stories of hours long lines. Well here is a little secret ..if you get there first thing on a cold February morning(7am and 15 degrees Fahrenheit ) you can walk right in!! We even got a free parking space right in front of the store! BONUS!! ( needless to say i was having horrid hot flashes from all the layers I had!) Damn you pre menopause!!!

So let me give you a quick outline of the visit..
1. no we didnt get to see any of the cast nor were they filming.
2. His Italian pastries are good, (yet not the best I've ever had though)
3. Unfortunately his cakes are very heavy and too sweet.( my ex husband's family are professional bakers, so I am somewhat of a snob)
4.I would not recommend basing a trip around this ...if your a fan coincide it with a trip to the Big Apple.

However, any experience with and for my goddaughter is completely worth it! I love you Peanut ! 
My Peanut Gabe!

My little guy checking out the goods

Buddy from Cake Boss

 After while we took a walk to the river to stretch our legs and here are some of the sights...

Love this sight!

Lower Manhattan.. the new tower is almost done

Lackawanna railway..such a beautiful building.

On a creative note, here is a peak of the second of my tea towels...

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Your trip looks so fun!

    I love these fabrics... pink and taupe... can't wait to see the next towel!!


    1. Thank you !! The peony rose is my favorite ! I've had it for 2 yrs now and just couldn't cut in to it!

  2. How exciting for your goddaughter! The treats look very tempting! I'm glad you discovered a time when the place wasn't packed. Loved seeing the other sights, too. You got some great pics. And that sneak peek of your tea towels in the making made my heart sing. Love those fabrics and the pink threads! In short, I love pink!

    1. Thanks !!! Working on the towel tonight as this winter storm approaches us here on the east coast !

  3. I went to Hoboken but Carlos was closed. It is fun to watch on tv. We got a picture but never go to eat there. Maybe next time. It was fun to walk around. Looks like you enjoyed your day.

    1. I'm so sorry it was closed on you !! My next bakery trip is to Brooklyn ! I'm in search of the best Lobster tail pastry on the east coast !

  4. Looks like fun!! Love those pretty fabrics!!! xo Heather

  5. so much to see here....I LOVE New York...I have been four times and am coming back this year.... Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate it.

  6. Thanks Karen and Heather!!...

    Karen ...I LOVE being so close to NYC..have fun when you go!