Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spreading Love... Tea Towel part duex

What is your favorite way to spread the love on Valentines Day...Let's keep it clean now ..hee hee. My favorite is that I get to wake up with all my loved ones first thing in the morning and give them all a kiss and wish them a lovely day! From my parents to my husband and kiddies (we all live together in this big ol'crazy house! ) Sadly, my mother lost her mother on Valentines day 43 yrs ago, so being able to spend this day with her is a very special gift.

However we do have an upbeat note here. The big joke is the gifts from our husbands, who are the most wonderful men, but lack in gift giving. So we love to see how pitiful it can get ! This year my mother won..My stepfather did get my mom some flowers, but also a quarter of an already eaten cake re- wrapped rather pathetically but wonderfully hysterical . Here is the kicker, she gives up sweets for Lent which started yesterday! Did we laugh !!! I got a bag of my husbands favorite chocolates which he will eat cause I staying away from refined sugar! This is all in jest, well somewhat,( I have gotten the same Christmas gift for about 5 years now..) because they are both incredible men who we love with all our hearts!

Another favorite is that I get to revisit, with my 5 year old, the excitement of  school holiday parties. Last night we made the gifts for all his classmates, made the cupcakes for the party( well my 19 yr old did that for me) and the gifts for his teachers and bus driver. How sweet to watch his enthusiasm this morning. Especially when he was giving all the girls at the bus stop their treats, he is the only boy at the stop!I loved watching him "Spread  Love"

Speaking of which, here is the second tea towel ...
 What do you think???

 I labored again about adding stitching around the heart, but when I did it looked over done, so I am going with a less is more attitude here.
 There is a slight imperfection with a stitch in the light pink stem stitch but I am a big believer in "humility" stitches!
 and I added a wider crocheted trim here.

Meanwhile my brother is spreading some love ( oh god this could go to the gutter real fast ;-) ..his first child is due in a few months. Too all my Italian friends out there, you know what a big deal this is when the only son in an Italian family reproduces .. It's like the second coming of Jesus! So my mother and I will be busy creating lots of handmades for this little darling. This will be for a fabric backed crochet blanket. I am in love with the colors and they were all sale items too boot!

 My sister who is always finding me vintage sewing items ( she loves me!!) found this vintage pin cushion made in Japan. She looked it up, its about 40 yrs old. I am going to remake the pin cushion fell through the hole here.

My lovely African Violets have been spreading some love too..check out these blooms!

Well I'm off to the kitchen .. I cant decide on whether to make Red Velvet cupcakes or Madelines for our Valentine's Day sweet treat. Of course made with sugar in the raw! My gift back to my husband, now he can have the candies all to himself :-O

How are you going to "Spread Love " today ?? ( I really should of thought this out better)heehee



  1. Great post today, Donna - full of fun and love and pretty pictures. The cake present is just hilarious!

  2. Love embroidery