Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring and Sweet Sebastian

Well what can we say about spring ? It brings renewal and rebirth after the long winter  months
It brings brighter days and sprouting beauty.

In our family it's brought Sweet Sebastian !!!! My brother Carlo and his beautiful wife Jen gave birth to their beautiful boy Sebastian Don  on March 19 . This is quite significant for our family as Seb as he will be called ( we are very big on nicknames in this family ! I've already came up with Sebalicious, Seabaru, and Seababdebadoo, you get the point!) was born on our late fathers birthday. Seb will now carry on our family name as my brother was the last male in our family to hold the name Travarelli ! We Italians are very big on our names and heritage !!
Carlo, Jen and their sweet baby boy
 Now I can't let my baby brother go without some ribbing from his big sister , If you remember I think I mentioned that he is the youngest of four and the only boy, so he is the know as the GOLDEN CHILD ! What does he go and do, he had to have a baby boy on our dads birthday !!!! What does that make him know PLATNIUM!!! Show off ;-) !!!

 Let me explain a bit if you have the time about how Golden he is to our elder father's Aunt Jenny never had children, so we were like her grand kids. My mother and my sisters and I spent a lot of time being with her and caring for her in her later years. My brother went off to Utah to become a professional skier and wasn't around as she got older. She died a few years ago at 90ish . In a letter she left for us about details for her funeral she stated that "before my casket is closed please have Carlo place my green wool coat over me and shut the casket " REALLY ..not that I would of wanted the job!!! When my grandfather died this same aunt gave me a box of his belongings ( he suffered from Alzheimer's and again me and mother cared for him in our home and while skier boy was jumping off mountains..really I am not bitter at all ;-) and said "here these are for your brother, hold them for him" 
 Oh well what is an Italian girl to do! This is all said in good fun ...they make great family stories!!

Back to sweet Seb I am moving along on his blanket . I have to admit I kinda wanted "Seb" to be a "Red"  (for red riding hood, that's what I was gong to call the baby if it was a girl) . Girls are so much fun to crochet for and being that my last kiddo was a boy I was hoping !
I was trying to capture the sun dancing on my projects on the first day of spring
Pot holder for the Flickr 2013 pot holder swap

Seb's crocheted blanket is inspired by the whole"Mori" girl style ..I know I know... I need to let the girl thing go, but that it's style is inspired by the woodlands and forest. We are a very outdoorsy family.

The colors remind me of the forest and I just love the mossy green ..I did a granny square as its base and will add an edging. I am going to back it with fabric . I will put the pattern up as well. It is a quick and easy pattern. It will make a nice stroller blanket.

I am also working in my pot holders for the 2013 pot holder swap on Flickr . They are very spring inspired as I gave them a clover shape . Again so quick and easy and fun...I am thinking of making a garland with the leftovers.

Spring is here, though it doesn't feel like it here in Nj. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow!!  I hope it does come soon ..until then I will bask in the light of Sweet Sweet Sebastian.
I can not wait to cover his face with kisses!!
This was supposed to be posted on Thursday, but our computer has been down all i hope you weekend was full of light love and beauty!

Have a great week,


  1. Aww sweet baby!
    If you turn off word verification it helps to get more comments. Just a suggestion :)

  2. Thanks !!! How do you do that ? I'm so not computer savvy !

  3. Oh what a beautiful new addition to your family. I am quite certain if his auntie gets her hands on him he will be completely spoiled by his first birthday! (I just "met" you bur I am pretty sure that is true!!)

    The crochet blanket is coming along beautifully and I am sure will always be cherished.

    1. Thanks Pam !! Yes you are correct , I will spoil him something terrible !! They are flying home next week to visit us ! I'm so excited !!!