Friday, March 15, 2013

A yogic point of view, what your creatives say about you

I spent 3 hours the other working to create a new pattern, a complete bust and frustrating. That I wasted all that time and that nothing came of it drove me "cra cra" (crazy) as my girls would say! Thinking I knew exactly where I was going to end up in the creation.

...Or was time wasted and did something come of it...? Hmm.

Then I took a look at some of my finished projects and I realized something symmetrical they all are . They are all very balanced,  you would think I had a background in Engineering like my hubby! I realized that may be part of my problem.

See pretty ...but balanced
...then I started thinking on a yogic point of view. Let's dissect...I am a Sagittarius, creative, passionate and adventurous etc, and I am these to a degree... as long as both feet are planted firmly on the ground. REALLLLY planted !!!! Like concrete shoes at times!

  Now look at the 5 elements of nature, Earth, Air, Fire,Water,and Ether/Space. These elements of nature sometimes become unbalanced in us. I see where I become unbalanced within these elements . The symmetry of my designs coincides with the earth element (ground) and fire (control), being too balanced and both feet firmly on the ground afraid to let go, needing to be in complete control. This is where my earth and fire element are obstructed. I am too grounded and need to know exactly at times where I am going . . Afraid to let go and fly and get in touch with my air element (to be continuous) or just sit in spaciousness(ether/space) not knowing when or where or how or if I will land . These elements tend to be out of reach for me at times.  I see where this holds me back. 

 What has caused the obstructed earth/fire element. I believe the sudden death of my father in my teens, becoming a mother at 19, divorce at 27, a new family etc .. It has just made me play it all too safe and rightfully so. However it creeps into other aspects of life without you knowing it ..I see its shadow places now ( after many years of studying yoga psychology and counseling).

 For it to show up in my crafting and creating WOW! How did I realize this ..well in the shower .. Yup here comes the water element (clarity). When balanced, the water element  refreshes, washing away residues that accumulate over a lifetime and brings clarity. SO we can see deeply. I always have my AH HA moments in the shower being in touch with my water element. This is where I realized I am being too safe and structured . I must learn to fly more with my designs,  make more mistakes, you know get a little jiggy with it (channeling my inner Will Smith)! Maybe work and design and not know where it is going to go and being without fear in that.

 Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE my designs and how they come out and I am glad that I tend to be a grounded being. I am so thankful for all the experiences in my life even the difficult ones. I am glad I can figure put where my obstructions are and can now work from this point of view. 

Share with me ...what obstructs you ?

 Here is a project that I am flying by the seat of my pants with I know what your thinking looks like just a granny square!! It will end up being a blanket for my brothers new baby and it will be more than just a granny square ..and I will just sit back and work and just see where it lands!

I adore these colors!!

The little legs will belong to a crocheted dragon form Lalylala pattern on Etsy.

Morning friends this week

After being cooped up all last week with the stomach bug I escaped to a local quilt shop and came home with these.

new from Kate Spain

I love how sweet and soft these are !

YUP,  I have no idea what I am going to do with these either !!! As I look at these pictures as I write this post I see all the balance in the fabrics ...gonna have to shake it up a bit!  

Big love to all,


  1. I love the the tea towel! Doesn't matter is it is symmetrical or not!
    Just do what you like.

    1. Thanks Deneen for the support !

  2. Just love this post! Sharing in your journey, your insights, thoughts.

    You might be a Sagittarius but i am betting there is a bunch of Taurus somewhere - a moon perhaps! :-)

    Finally! Now I understand why all my best ideas arrive while I am in the shower! Water element of clarity!!! Seriously - I even have a waterproof pad next to the shower for capturing insights and crafty solutions!

    I would like to share this thought about "balanced crafting": I used to be a "balanced" person in my crafting - an absolute perfectionist to be honest. And now for some reason - that part of me has pretty much switched off and I am much happier going out on limbs and trying things I know nothing about and just having fun!! Used to love embroidering patterns designed by others. Now I hate that - want to create my own designs.

    May also be why Saori weaving appeals so much to me now. Saori means zen weaving. No rules - just do what comes in the moment.

    So I am thinking that perhaps you are where you need to be at this time. And one day when you least expect it - you may find yourself somewhere else!!!

    1. Thanks Pam fir sharing and stopping by !! By the way I love the Easter witch !