Thursday, April 25, 2013

So I sat on "pins and needles"

....waiting for my new nephew Sebastian to arrive ...I sewed gifts for days, all sorts of blankets and such. Got the the house ready for my brother and his much so I made my self sick and stressed myself into a kidney infection!!!! ( I have done this before). Well all's well that ends well. I perked up after two days and got to enjoy baby Sebastian. Here he is cuddles up with my oldest and below on my lap in our jammies singing songs.

what a sweet boy our Sebastian is, we miss him so much already ;-(

So while I was sewing for Seb I was getting a itching for making a pin cushion, especially after seeing what Amy from Amy Made That! was up too. You have to check out her Petit Ecole pin cushions ...just fabulous. Now, I did not have time to do anything as elaborate as Amy's, but I just had to make one. Has that every happened to you in the middle of 862 projects going on?! ( btw 862 is always my exaggerated go to number).

So I came up with "Pins and Needles"  cause that is exactly what I felt like waiting for my little guest!
One side for your pins and another for your needles ...cause I am always mixing mine together. I just took an 5 inch square and did that "Thangle" thing with it, ( or draw a line on the diagonal  sew a line 1/4 on each side and cut then cut on the middle line) added a fancy button. Quick,simple and it scratched my itch!

Amy also gave me an inspiration for another give away! She has been doing a Christmas project a month so when the holidays get her she will be ready. I wish I had that ambition...maybe I'll start in July ;-)

So here is a hint below..
This is a nest made by one of our resident Cardinals in our Holly bush. This sits right out my window by our computer desk. This is what I get to  look at while posting ...Beautiful isn't it ! I love the dried Hydrangea petal in the nest. 

So the clue ...check back tomorrow and you'll see has to do with Cardinals and winter will make for the best "Holiday" projects. You can get on board with Amy !! Who knows maybe I'll join in!

See you tomorrow,


  1. Ahh, could he be any sweeter! I would miss that beautiful face too.
    Love the pincushion!

  2. He is adorable! I hope you're feeling better too :) Love the pincushion <3

  3. Aww, so darling and precious!! Love your pincushion!! xo Heather