Friday, April 26, 2013

A wintry giveaway in Spring ??

Yes, I know it's Spring and we just got rid of the cold ! But I know some of you super organized creative people like to get a jump start on the holiday sewing .

Leave a comment below .... Tell me how you stay in top of holiday creations . I need some inspiration in this area as I usually inundate myself in December with baking and shopping !

The fabrics below are in honor of my lovely Cardinal that is building it's nest right by my window that I mentioned in my last post .

I will be making some fat quarter packs
with these fabrics for a giveaway . I totally see Mug rugs already !! I will post the winners on Friday May 3 .

Well I'm keeping this post short .. . I am in the car driving to Vermont ( well my husband is driving!) to help our second son move into his summer housing . I am blogging from my phone !!
Wow how far I have come with all this
technology !!!

Have a great weekend


  1. My plan for holiday crafting is to "make it when the mood strikes". This means I sometimes sew, stitch, or crochet something that is totally opposite the current season. I also find I enjoy the piece that much more. I have the pleasure of enjoying it while I create it and the added bonus of enjoying it for the holiday. Thanks for the chance to enter. I'd love to make up some new pillows and those fabrics are too perfect!

  2. So far my Christmas-y project once a month is working out great. Last year I finally realized that, since I sew in the dining room, I barely have even one day for sewing in December, so admitting it was the first, most important step for me. Your cardinal's nest is adorable, and so appropriately placed in a holly bush!

  3. I crochet, embroider or sew beautiful things all year long then when Christmas comes along, I need only to decide which is the perfect gift for each person on my list.

  4. Wow, blogging from your phone . . . i have not gotten that far yet. Our fabric is lovely, but i am not ready to think about the winter holiday season, you must be so organized :)
    I am back from my trip and I had a wonderful time. Lots of family fun with my two granddaughters, and although my daughter had her head buried in her books most of the time, we did have some great time to visit, too. When I left she was caught up with all her studies and feeling fresh and ready to take on the world, again. God blessed us all in many wonderful ways, this week.
    Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog, and thank you again for following.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. A plan of action and sticking to it!!

    Create a list of everything you want to accomplish before the holidays. Break each item into bite size parts! Then begin marking off space in your schedule and on your calendar and assign a time to complete each task.

    Takes a bit of self discipline and no procrastination. But if you do this I promise you will be ready for the holidays this year!!!