Sunday, May 12, 2013

A day to celebrate the Beauty of All....

It is a day not just to celebrate mothers but all women. Lets face it we are caregivers whether we have had children or not. You, as a woman have embraced and nurtured at some point. We have received mothering from someone other than our mothers. So for all "Mother's" this day is for you, for us as a whole to celebrate the amazing beings that we are!

This day is extra special for us as it is our baby boys 6th birthday..he was born on Mother's Day weekend 6 yrs ago. Can you imagine a better gift , I can't. watching his joy and excitement today is the best gift ...and funny...he ran into the bathroom and exclaimed "my teeth didn't fall out!" cause he was told you start loose your baby teeth when your 6 ...yup, its going to be a great day !

So I leave you with some photos of beauty for now, some finds from this week. It was a busy week and I  much to share, but I will save it for the next post. Now its time to sit and relax and enjoy all there is to enjoy.

 The birthday boy..LOVE LOVE LOVE...he's a bit under the weather:-(
 Mother's Day breakfast.. delish..recipe to follow.
Sending you all much love and beauty,


  1. Beautiful post! I can almost smell the flowers. What a great day to have a baby - the gift that keeps on giving! My youngest son arrived the day after Father's Day, so we have a similar happy reminder each year of what it means to be a dad.

    1. Thanks Amy .. I do love my lilacs !!! It was a great day !