Friday, May 17, 2013

Something old...something new...

Something borrowed, something blue know how the saying goes....

  Here is my something old...I had some great finds at a local annual flea market.

Vintage Dresden plates place mats from the early 60's, they will go in my Etsy shop next week. Vintage embroidery and tatting threads, some from France !! Can you believe how small those Pansies are !!! I was in Heaven!
 Something New...
 These adorable fabrics I found at ...Banberry Place  they specialize in imported fabrics. I also grabbed a skein of Rowan's Fine art sock yarn.  another old ...this Swedish music box, it plays the theme from Dr.Zhivago.

  Something borrowed... 
 This pattern that I am trying to recreate from a bib of mine when I was a wee one. I am going to design one with a crochet ruffle and one with a fabric ruffle. It's in its rough form now. The original bib is featured on one of my older post.  It will definitely be a tutorial one day.The old keeps creeping in..this cake plate depression glass I think . I love how the flowers from the plate sort of match the fabric...

And finally... something blue...One of my kiddies is experiencing their first heartbreak. Its so hard to watch. The devastation of losing their first love . It's been a week of tears, hugs, sharing heartbreak experiences and life lessons. I am doing my best just hold the space for them, saying enough, but not too much. Reassuring all will be well and time will heal. It is really heartbreaking to watch your child hurt.

What's your best heartbreak advice?

On an up note, well notes that is ...tonight is the big 6th birthday party for our little guy. It's a Ninjago Lego party and we are really excited!! Tomorrow our oldest is graduating college !! We are so proud of him! 

Talk about switching gears right! All aspects of life going on here...and I wouldn't have it any other way. Well maybe a little less tears ;-)

Thanks for stopping by,

PS. My blog was asked to join Wizpert! A new online advice site. I will post more later about it ..I gotta go, I have to get my Ninja on!!!


  1. Okay, how is it possible that I love every single thing in this post. Those tiny beautiful flowers make my heart leap.
    Of course that beautiful sock yarn...hello!
    So sad that first love's heartbreak has happened. Good advice..none. Unfortunately the best thing is what you are doing..just listening and being there. Ugh, that would crush my heart.

    1. I'm glad you liked the post!! Aren't those pansies something else!!!