Thursday, May 23, 2013

Little Things...

 Little Flowers...
 Little birds...

 Little Boys...

Little crocheted flowers...

Big Things...

The big 6th birthday party ...Ninjago style

 The College graduate..

Yes, we had a lot going on this week filled with big and little moments. Our baby cardinal hatched and we have been just staring at natures wonder everyday. We had a visit from our family who has been overseas for the past 6 yrs. It was great to have my nephews at my house for the first time.The little boys had some big fun with Ninja kicks and such.
I found some time to recreate the vintage crocheted Pansy. Mine was a bit bigger as I need to find a smaller hook for the size 80 tatting thread. The woman who made the original was an amazing crafter, her crocheting is meticulous!!

 The big 6th birthday party was a huge success. Tiring but a success!! The little guy was just so excited!

To top it off my son Dominic graduated from Kutztown University with a degree in Elementary education. We are so extremely proud of him and his hard work and achievements. He is truly an amazing young man. It seemed like just yesterday we dropped him off at school and I was receiving phone calls a half hour later that he was homesick ...horribly homesick for the first year and a half!!! He never gave up though and found his place and had a wonderful college career. Its good to have him home though!

And I'm a little bit (scratch that )a lot a bit tired and under the weather with my allergies...Its so bad here with pollen in NJ !! I have a remedy though ..boil some water (for about 15 minutes to cure it) in a thermos add 5-8 fennel seeds, 1 tsp ground fresh ginger and lime juice and sip on this all day. It is great for relieving congestion.

Well, I"m off to lay my head down and maybe make another pansy or two . We have another big weekend ahead. A trip to Upstate NY to be with my husband's family for our annual Memorial day get together.

Have a great holiday and enjoy, whether it be filled with Little or Big moments they fill our hearts just the same.



  1. So many wonderful family events! I am astonished and delighted by the mother bird feeding the baby picture!!

    1. Thanks Sarah .. Isn't that view if the birds amazing !!

  2. Hey, I know where Kutztown is! I'm at the other end of the state, but still not that far away. Congrats to the new teacher! Well done!!!

    1. Thanks Amy, we are so proud if him!

  3. Wow you had a lot going on. Congratulations on the new teacher in the family. How proud you must be. Also, I love your bird shots . . . very up close and personal, that is a great shot of the mother bird feeding her babies :)
    Have a lovely week,
    Connie :)

    1. Thank you Connie ! Yes we are very proud !