Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lovelies, Bubbles, Bibs,& Babies...

 A few shots of ...Bubbles


 Bibs and Babies...

 Opps!! and Moms..

 We had a busy weekend but a lot of fun. 20 hrs in the car over 3 days with the hubby was tiring but we love the quiet alone time. One of our drives was through Sharon Springs NY. A town that is close to my husband's home town and being revitalized by some "Amazing" folks. Two being Josh and Brent from Beekman 1802. They were last years winners of the Amazing Race (  have I mentioned this before :-)!) They have a Mercantile in Sharon Springs which features products from all the local area artisans. Beautiful stuff including soaps from McGullicuddy Naturals soaps. The little guy loved the bubble machine Deb turned on for him!! Plus the American Hotel , amazing food and beautiful atmosphere. Sharon Springs was once a huge hot spot back in the the Victorian era known for their hot springs. It is such a beautiful place not far from Cooperstown NY. Take a look at sites and see for your self! If you go make sure to get your Cappuccino and pastry at the Black Cat Cafe
(my pic of the cafe didn't come out). The plan is to move the area one day ,it's one of my favorite places.

Now for the lovelies, My Orchids are blooming and our Cardinal is nesting!! I still cant get over the view we have. I have been staring all morning.

Bibs and Babies, Their is a baby boom in my life. My brother and now a dear friend from high school just had her second and its a girl !! I get to sew for a girl!!! I found this bib dress that was mine as a baby and I am going to try and copy it ..That is what all that great "Liberty of Londonish" fabric that I found at Jo Ann fabric yesterday at 30% off! I was actually shopping for bear and leopard fur for the little guy's school circus costume for Friday. He does NOT like costumes so we sewed the fur onto hooded sweatshirts and added ears to the hood. I still think I am going to have to bribe him to wear it !! 

The "boy" fabric is for pillowcases for my Nephews who are coming to visit in few weeks ! I will add some Disney Cars fabric to it.

A Mother's day tea towel I am working on ... I got the embroidery pattern from Karen of the fabulous Graphics Fairy Blog.

Lots of beautiful things don't you think!! I am off to the workroom/basement ( which is so hard on this gorgeous day) to do some work. Lets me know what lovelies have been going on in your world. Would love to here all about it!

 See you all Friday for the winner of the giveaway!


  1. I can't believe the view you have of your nesting Mrs. Cardinal!
    And, Sharon Springs sounds like a wonderful place to visit.