Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Carpe diem & A Giveaway

 Well I was supposed to post yesterday for the giveaway but the weather was gorgeous and the ocean was calling. Carpe diem!! We jumped in the car me, hubby, little guy and my goddaughter. We saw dolphins and the Staten Island Ferry being tugged. We went to Long Beach Island Nj which is only about forty minutes away. It w as gorgeous !!
 We should of probably stayed home being we just had returned from our trip to My hubbies hometown Cobleskill NY and our annual visit to the Schoarie Co. Sunshine Fair. Our little guy love the trains and hanging with his older cousin ( you'll see them walking with their hands in their pockets below..my little guy mimicking his older cousin's idol's every move. So sweet.) If you notice, I forgot my camera AGAIN so i used my phone. So here are some images the best I could do. My favorites, well they are all my favorites, are the ones of the Farmer cuddling his cow ( have you ever seen anything so adorable ..now that's love!) and my dear friend Sharon of Lighthouse Weavers. Her work is just amazing and it always so much fun to visit her homestead and see her barn full of new and antique looms. Here she is at her spinning wheel spinning Buffalo from her neighbors herd. She is at the Fair every year with her looms demonstrating her art.

We also went to the first annual Wee Wheels Car show in Sharon Springs NY. It was really cool.

So now we get to the good stuff..the giveaway!!! It was supposed to be Christmas in July but, I think we can all agree that July just whizzed by us all!

 Ok so to make up for my tardiness and lack of discipline ....but hey the beach was calling and we rarely get a warm non-humid day here in NJ. I will pick two winners just leave me a comment and tell me what your best distraction that got you out of the house this summer and seized the day!! You will each get a half yard each of these awesome Christmas fabrics by Anna Griffin and a package of the gold Christmas tinsel.

 Looking forward to hearing your comments! I will announce winner on Monday August 12 . Good luck!

I just learned that Helen Mirren likes to sew...now she is even higher on the pedestal!


  1. What great adventures! I love the beach. As always, beautiful photos! Lets see...I'm sorry to say that this summer has been so busy that I haven't had my 'seize the moment' yet....I'm still waiting though! I have high hopes it will come very soon!!! :)

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful summer! My moments tend to come in the Fall and Winter, summer I tend to hibernate and renew. Though my dogs do always get me out of the house. Peace!

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