Sunday, September 14, 2014

My visit to Jimy Beans Wool...

There is often a scwabble between us in my weekly knitting group...buying yarn at a local yarn store or LYS and buying online. Most of  them agree that you have to touch it, smell it, salivate over it and pet it before you buy it. One friend will rub it against her face and call it "My Precious". I agree to this usually ... except and it is a big EXCEPT for the one and only...creative genius that is called Jimmy Beans Wool.
 I stumbled on  to Jimmy Beans a few years back when I worked at a LYS that was going out of business and I needed a certain yarn. I found Jimmy Beans on line and they had it. Soon it became my "go to" store when the local stores couldn't fill my yarn needs...then it all changed. I saw that they had a newsletter and blog signed up for it. No longer was I only going to JBW when I needed more of something that I already had..I found myself visiting the site to see what was new and upcoming!

On our summer vacation to the west coast I realized we were only an hour way from JBW in Reno, Nevada. My pulsed quickened, I  may have started to sweat, my brain started to race...could I convince the hubby and my seven year old to take the side trip? I began to scheme...I was making sure I wasn't spending a lot on souvenirs or fancy dinners..."Souvenirs/food who needs that when yarn could be part of the equation!" I thought to myself. So when my hubby asked what I wanted to see when we were in Lake Tahoe. I smiled my sweetest smile and said " It would be neat to take the yougin' to Virginia City an old gold mining town". The hubby agreed then I threw in "And by the way there is this yarn store..." and the rest is below...

I walked in the show room and aimlessly wandered around. Warm and inviting, I gazed at all the goodies...
The Cascade wall...
 The table of Madelinetosh...
 The table of Lorna's laces...
 More Lorna's Laces...I was in heaven...yarn heaven that is. I wish I could have a wall like this at home!
 Then I  heard you could get a tour of the warehouse. It started here in the yarn garden. This is where my husband and son left me off and hugged mom goodbye. I am pretty sure they were a bit worried if they would see me again! I  was greeted by the warm, friendly and may I say amazingly cool Jeanne. I was among my own kind, as if I went home to the mother land!
 Jeanne started the tour with telling me the origins of JBW. My brain didn't know which way to go...listen to the amazing story or just stare in awe at the amazing isles of yarn. I regained my composure and listened as guided me through the aisles...aisles of yarn and fiber bliss. Jeanne explained all of their adorable "gift sets" and JBW exclusives. The who,what and why's. How they come about. What was working for them and what was not. So many interesting details about the operation at JBW and not just the ususal details...but the real behind the scenes info .Jeanne explained the staff, how she started at JBW. It was a real up close and personal tour. Not something you would expect from an "online retailer".
 Below is their Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Pickle sampler in these adorable canning jars.
  Rows of their exclusive beautiful Flower Bouquets.
 If I could of and it wouldn't of gotten me thrown out or make me look as if I lost my mind... I would have thrown all sense and caution into the wind and went Yarn Diving!!! Now that they know me a bit maybe next time and oh yes there will be a next time!
 Once again I regained my composure and got to meet these lovely ladies of JBW and "Jimmy" herself. We chatted about the business and the industry for a bit. They were so gracious to take time from their busy day to talk with me...cause all those boxes of yarn were waiting for them. I could have sat all day there with this fun and interesting group of gals. However there was shopping that needed to be done. I was not going home empty handed! Back to the show room I went!
 and decided on these beauties...

Some Lorna's Laces, Madelinetosh and Freia fine hand paints along with these adorable stitch markers cam home with me. There would have been more but we tried something new this trip and only had one suitcase for all of us. Big mistake BIG!! Not to worry ...cause all I have to do is log onto my computer and all the gorgeous fiber is at my fingertips!
 Not only does JBW carry the major yarn companies, they work with a lot of independent artist as these stitch markers from Spark made exclusively for JBW.

Still need more convincing...
Check out the JBW exclusive Lorna's Laces Limited Edition yarns.These are my personal favorites and I have mentioned many times on my blog. They are a monthly treat that I look forward to and am completely addicted to. From colors inspired by the Royal wedding of William and Kate to the new STARZ series Outlander. When these are gone they are gone so what are you waiting for!

The adorable gift sets and samplers...check them out and start making your Holiday wish list!

Their newsletters...warm and friendly filled with all the new yarns and great projects...I get excited like a kid on Christmas when I see them in my Inbox!

So my fiber loving friends it does amazing on line retailer with the feel of a home grown yarn store. Great Company ...Great people!! Go check out for wont be disappointed!
When I relocate to Tahoe in a few years I will go to JBW and beg for a job and they wont have to even pay me...wink wink.
If you want to read  more about the JBW operation check out these articles in the New York Times written about JBW. Really interesting look into the small business world.

And on a side note...Thank you Ladies for the warning about the road leading you into Virginia City!! Wow that road is a DOOZIE! My stomach was in my throat most of the time!

Thank you ladies for a great visit! It was such fun to meet you all!
Be well, 


  1. Hot diggity! Id feel like the Hayes opened and warn light filled the room with angels singing. You go.

    1. It really was as if the heavens did open and the angels sang!

  2. Mothership indeed. I feel I would have had the very same reaction. You have some brilliant taste and it shows with your purchases! I am drooling.

    1. You couldn't go wrong...everything was beautiful there!