Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I wish....

I wish it would just slow down a bit...that it didn't go by so fast and such a blur...I wish it would literally last a "Season". I wish you could bake a little longer ans slower...visit a little longer with family and friends who come form far and near. I wish to stay in the relaxed state that you experience for a moment or two during the whirlwind of preparation...and I wish now to share with you some of the still moments below

It was a great holiday once again...I made endless finger less gloves for many many little girls...the delight when they squeal, smile and put them on and keep them on all day! I love little ones who appreciate handmades! I have older daughters who help me with the baking and pasta prep now..whew thank god!! I have young age...and toddlers all at once on Christmas morning to watch open presents and let me tell you the young adults are just as excited as the young ones!
I had a Birthday 44 now yikes!!! I got a new computer YAY!! more blogging as it doesn't take me 4 hours to edit pictures!!! I got new fabric from French General Petite Prints Deux, Luxurious yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch...some Aurifil thread sets from Fat Quarter shop.
Our big night is Christmas Eve so Christmas day is Jammies and movies...Love Actually..the Holiday...and endless Hallmark movies<3<3<3
Then a fast trip to Upstate NY to visit my in laws the snowy photos are the views from the was actually there first snowfall of the season..very rare.
The last picture is of my IG account with the most popular photos! It was a very pretty 2015 in pictures.

So back to wishing...I wish more slow days for all...I wish for more stillness...I wish for safety for all who are in need...I will just keep wishing...

Peace and Love to you all in the New Year,,,

Be well,

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  1. I wish for the same things as you. I wish for time to slow down. We celebrate on the eve of as well as only my family is nearby. I love not having to run off anywhere for Christmas. I love having down time and being to think and reflect.