Thursday, December 10, 2015

Making... Making... Making...

It's been a few months of making for friends, family and a craft fair that was an "Epic fail" as my eight year old would say...I sold a pair of gloves pair!!

Well as Evita Peron would say ..."Don't cry for me Argentina" It was fun prepping and being on a schedule! I got a lot accomplished and came up with this very sweet pattern for a Christmas pillow. Fast easy and so adorable. I will really try to get a tutorial up but, I'm not going to lie it really may not happen and if it doesn't just email and I can walk you through it. 

The shawl was made for my dear friend Elisabeth for  Elizy Art Crochet for the #autumnshawlswap2015 which she hosted. I loved every second designing this for her! 

I hope you holiday season is off to a wonderful start...ours as always is of to a good start...a wee bit stressful....a bit of family drama (when you have 5 kids and a big Italian family it just can't be avoided) but we always find the joy in the little moments, the important ones...the ones without the material gifts and fuss. The ones with twinkling lights and decorations, the excitement of an 8 yr old who just believes in everything... the ones watching EVERY Hallmark movie with my mom and mother in law (who were my little elves helping me make)... discussing the movies after rating them and then laughing at ourselves.. discussing what Christmas carol we would love to hear Adele sing!! Holding onto faith that all will work out in this crazy wild world we live in. I will immerse myself in more making, (now that the decorating is finished whew!!) finding joy in every moment even in the rough ones. Creating its so cathartic...when the hands move the mind ceases. My daughter showed me a Meme.."When your mom deserves an island and all you can afford is a candle" when asking me what I want for Christmas and expressing that she wants to get me something special and can't really afford it.  You just gave me the best gift just did! <3 and light to you all!