Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keeping the love going..

I hope everyone had a great weekend . We had a really nice four day weekend, which was much needed as my little guy can't seem to get rid of a lingering sinus infection.

I was lucky enough to be able to sneak away to a Yoga retreat that I participate in three times a year. I am so grateful that I get to spend this time every year with my beloved teacher and a wonderful group of beings that have become family. Some of us have been training together for 10 years!!
It was very inspiring and a lot of talk about Beauty Bliss and Love ...which will be the theme of my third and final tea towel.

After this tea towel I am going to jump over the Amy Made That and start on one of the Heart Mug rugs tutorials she has there and add it to the "Across the pond sew along" . Meanwhile I made some tags for the Valentine tag a long with Nana Company and Pretty by Hand. My tags were a bit of a bust (I was rushing!) but I decided to add them anyhow. Can we say humility !! And that should wrap up the love theme projects of February!

So here are some pics from last week ...
Trying to catch the light through the melting snow

The Valentine tags

I finished the infinity scarf for my daughter finally !

This week I am going to start a series "Essential yoga poses for Crafters" to help with all those aches and pain we acquire after many hours of sewing, knitting,embroidery,cooking,cleaning you get the gist. I think I am going to use the beauty above as my model !

Have a great week !


  1. I simply love your daughter's infinity scarf! It is so elegant!

    And your Valentine tags are very sweet. The heart looks like it has hydrangea flowerets.


  2. Popped over from Flickr to see more! Love the infinity scarf. Can you share where you got the pattern?

    And while you are considering yoga exercises to share (fabulous idea by the way!) how'bout a couple fo relieve those aches and pains we get while blogging about all that crafting!