Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finished Tea Towel & Soup recipe

Here it is finished Yay!! its been a rough week we have been side tracked with the stomach bug . It is starting with the little guy and now it is just a wait and see who gets it next! I think this winter loving girl needs Spring to get here!! 

Hopefully today as the little guy is starting to mend and off the couch ( both of us!)  we can get into the work room/basement and start working on some spring projects. As much as I love the colors I have been working with on these tea towels and I am in need of a change. I am thinking of adding a free tutorial on the tea towels. As well still working on the Yoga clip ( i am just waiting for a day when I look half human!)

 Here is a glimpse of this week so far...

My youngest and oldest, surprise visit from college

robin in the tree..Spring !!
 and the final tea towel!

Now my inspiration for this was from my last yoga retreat ... we talked a lot of beauty and blissful states of mind. It got me to thinking of how we are so attracted to beauty and in this state of beauty we feel its blissfulness and of course this leads to the growing of love . Whether it is an object, person or state of mind, this is how I interpret love to begin. Like a freshly bloomed flower our eye catches it gross form (not disgusting gross but gross as in tactile) then we smell its scent, its subtle form ,we become intoxicated, feel the bliss and then grows our fondness and love as we make the connections to all these states of mind and senses. Same as our relationships in life don't you agree?

Well what do you think!

Here is the Cream of Broccoli recipe from  last week..

2-3 tablespoons olive oil
2 large heads of broccoli cut into big pieces stems included
1 large sweet onion
4 cups broth vegtable or chicken
Borsari or seasoned salt ..i get Borsari from Whole Foods
2-3 TBS half and half
cheddar cheese as a garnish

In a heavy pot add olive oil ,saute onion and brocolli till tender about 10 minutes on low to medium stirring frequently.
add broth and sesonings cook for about another 10 -15 min until incorporated well
take and immersion blender and blend well but be sure to leave some bigger pieces so it doesn't just look like a puree
Now add the half and half , this is optional and can be left out to make it vegan. Also you can adjust half and half accordingly to your taste.

Garnish with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and enjoy! Easy isn't it!

a side note ...i think adding some potato to the saute would be a good idea to add substance if you are not adding and dairy.

Have a great rest of the week !


  1. Your tea towel is sooooo pretty. I love how it turned out.

  2. I am constantly on the search for soup recipes. This one is going on my list!
    The tea towels are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Pam and Andi !!! Andi let me know what you think of the soup ...

      Have a great weekend !

  3. Such a beautiful tea towel Donna!! xo Heather

    1. Thanks so much Heather ! I'm looking forward to getting started on some spring ones !