Monday, August 19, 2013

R&R, Recipe Review & NYC

It was a loooonnnggg week and some R&R was in order for the weekend... I took in some sights around the house on Saturday and sat on the deck, tried a new recipe (below) ans Sunday was a trip to NYC and walked the High Line Park. Come take a look...

We really needed a weekend to just breath and take in some sights. I walked around my yard on Saturday and got some great shots. I do love this season of butterflies and hummingbirds. I tried this new recipe from Martha Stewart's Everday Food. We all loved it. But, don't mix in the Ricotta cheese just add dollops of it, I mixed it in while the pasta was hot and I think I drowned out some of the flavor. Super easy and quick. i also tired baking with Coconut palm sugar ( it is supposed to be a healthier sugar alternative) not a fan for baking with it. It made my Banana muffins a bit spongey.
If you get a chance I highly recommend the NYC High Line Park. It was just gorgeous and a really cool perspective of the city. Beautiful gardens, great food carts and my favorite people watching! How about that mural of the famous WWII photo. My favorite photo I think is of the red door by the fire escape. I don't know why it just spoke to me. We had our youngest with us so we had to dangle a carrot in front of him to get him to walk almost the whole city with us! So of course we ended up at the Lego store in Rockefeller Plaza. Yes, some one was in heaven! As he fell asleep last night he looked at me with eyes half closed and asked me "what are we going to do tomorrow?" I said "just staying home and resting" he replies " I think I'm just going to build a lot of Legos tomorrow" and with that he passed out! Pretty good way to fall asleep don't you think? We took the ferry from Liberty State Park in Nj (another great view of the city too). It was amazing to visually see and imagine at the same time how much the water rose during Hurricane Sandy last summer. You could still see some of the effects in Jersey City.
Well, its back to work today. I have a lot of projects to get going on and I have been working hard on this project for the My Sisters Knitter KAL/CAL. I'm eager to get onto my next finishing project and of course I got another crocheting inspiration last night. Like I need another one!!!

I hope your weekend was filled with some beautiful sights, whether at home or out and about,

I adore Hugh Jackman and his coffee "Laughing Man Coffee"... can he get any more wonderful! check it out!


  1. Oh, my sister took my mom to see that park in NYC, so I've heard of it before. Looks so pretty! Your photos are just super amazing, Donna! Hard to imagine all those little beauty spots in your backyard!

    1. Amy you should really take a visit to NYC for this...definitely worth it!

  2. I LOVE NYC! I've been there several times for work. It never gets old. I also love to people watch. One of my favorite pastimes. I would have to agree with you on the photo of the red door. I wonder what goes on in there....and your tomatoes...oh my...they look delish! And thanks for the recipe!

    1. Thanks for the comments Cindy !! When your back in NYC try the park ...really cool!